SJM Pediatric Transplant Foundation

SJM Pediatric Transplant Foundation is a non profit tax deductible 501(c)(3) organization. The foundation was started in 2008 to provide financial assistance to families who have a child that has undergone a life saving organ transplant at The Miami Transplant Institute at The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Our Mission:

SJM Pediatric Transplant Foundation is dedicated to providing financial assistance to needy families who have a child that has undergone a life saving transplant. Many families suffer severe financial hardships due to lost wages and increased expenses. The Pediatric Transplant Social Worker works closely with transplant families. Foundations such as SJM Pediatric Transplant Foundation allow the social worker to have access to outside funds for families who often are in crisis. The social worker will present needy cases to the foundation for assistance. We are here to help when there are no other resources for the family to access. We provide support to pay for such necessities as rent, utility bills, cell phone bills, transportation and medical supplies.

Our mission is to help when a family's basic necessities are not being met. Paying a month's cell phone bill for a family who needs to have contact with their child's doctors can provide peace of mind. Helping with a month's rent can help a family care for their child in a safe, clean environment. Every family wants to focus on their child's medical needs without spending their energy worrying about how to pay their bills. By alleviating financial worries, the family can focus their time and energy on helping their child heal and return to a normal life.

How Transplants Affect Families

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